Hello, I'm Dave Trudgian. I'm a developer / computer scientist with a background spanning containers, HPC, web & scientific development and machine learning.

I currently work at Sylabs Inc., the startup founded to enhance the open source Singularity container platform. Previously I've mostly worked in universities (both research and staff positions). I'm originally from Cornwall in the UK, but now live in Texas.

I'm a free and open source software enthusiast and supporter, though not (too) extreme in my views. I certainly don't believe all proprietary software is unethical… I do believe that using community developed free & open source software (FOSS) is a great way to regain some privacy and control of data. I also enjoy self-hosting things I use, which harks back to the days of a less centralized web.

Stuff that's here

  • A bit about me… see below.
  • Blog Posts - Any blog posts I might have written… so probably not many :-)


I have 11 years experience since completing my PhD, across various fields:

  • Containers, Go, Web Services - Currently, (and during 2018) I work for Sylabs Inc., a fully remote startup developing the Singularity container platform. I have contributed to the core Singularity codebase, primarily in the area of Docker/OCI image handling and compatibility. I led development of the prototype/alpha stage of the container library and authentication services in the cloud.sylabs.io platform.
  • HPC & Scientific Development - I spent a total of 4 years in the BioHPC High Performance Computing group at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Though chiefly leading web/scientific software development projects, I contributed significantly to all aspects of the HPC service, including system administration and user training.
  • Bioinformatics - I worked for 6 years at the University of Oxford and UT Southwestern Medical Center in proteomics bioinformatics. I supported proteomics services, developed analysis tools and workflows, and carried out computational proteomics research. My publications are listed on Google Scholar.
  • Machine Learning - I received a PhD from the University of Exeter in 2008, for work concentrating on the development of novel neural-network methods for protein sequence classification problems.


My skills are strongest in:

  • Go development - including backend web services and container tooling.
  • Python web and scientific development - including Django, Celery, SciPy.
  • Containers - I have strong interests in the practical use of containers across platforms, especially in batch & data analysis / ML workloads.
  • Reproducible science & workflows - Including pipeline platform development, Nextflow.
  • Training / teaching - I enjoy teaching and have contributed many session covering programming, machine-learning, HPC, containers
  • Machine Learning - I have a PhD backround in neural networks and ML fundamentals, and am currently updating my knowledge of the latest DL frameworks.

Other Interests

Aside from work things, my interests include:

  • Beer and making BBQ - both good things to enjoy when living in Texas.
  • Gardening and leisure cycling, to hopefully balance out the beer and BBQ :-)
  • Music… mostly enjoying Indie/Alt rock, but half-heartedly learning guitar and trying to play piano again.
  • Open science and reproducibility efforts.
  • Supporting free & open source software.

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